The speaking stone (book review)

Book: The speaking stone

Author: Ratnadip Acharya


The book follows Saikat and Shuvashini.

The book starts with our male protagonist Saikat drunk at a bar in Mumbai, from which he was escorted out after the closing hours. Spending the whole night in his car, Saikat finds a flee market. At the flee market he saw a statue and was drawn to it. He felt connection with that statue and bought it. The seller told him that it is called ‘The speaking stone’.

Our female protagonist Shuvashini, is feeling down as her topic was rejected by a reputed historian and was asked to find something new. In the search of a new topic, she goes to a library and finds an old book about stones.

These two are from different backgrounds, seeking for the same truth. One reaches that place due to a stone bought from a flee market, while the other one inspired from an old book at a library.

Destiny did itโ€™s work and both of them crossed paths during pursuing their goals. They team up to reach the destination and it created a wonderful story.


The narration is done through 3 parallel stories and they are connected nicely. The presentation of characters through past and present is great. This quest of a stone leads to an amazing journey, which keeps a reader very engaged. The plot twist and unfolding of mysteries kept me on edge. The way a love story developed throughout the story is brilliant. It is not too cheesy and the love does not interfere with the story line. It adds up to the story and adds layers to it. The way the author has developed and sketched the characters is solid.

The narration is great and very smooth. It is a long book, but the perfect work makes it easy to keep reading. The language is lucid and easy. The book is fast paced. I really enjoyed reading it.


Overall, it was a 4/5 ๐ŸŒŸ read for me. .

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