The Ritual (Book Review)

The Ritual (Book Review)

Author : Mitchell

We all love a good fantasy read every now and then. I am here to recommend great books to you. So, no more spending money on books which are not worth it. Here is The Ritual (Book Review).


This book is a novella in a series called ‘The Ritual’. It is a great introduction to the series. 


The story is about a devastating hit of plague, that is killing the continent of greater Virren. The plague is so vicious that is is going to destroy the whole continent. But there is one city which is immune to it. The city of Rothenburg is untouched. Katrina, is the female protagonist that we are following in this book. She goes out of city of Rothenburg in the search of the truth. She wants to know if the plague is just a rumour or a devastating truth. In this journey she meet a group of people. These people are of a banished religious group and they claim to know about the plague. They claim to know it’s truth and origin. They claim that a girl is to be accused for this disaster. A lot of mystery and facts reveal themselves and Katrina is suppose to find the truth with all these crazy things happening around her.


The mystery is shaking. The book follows a journey of finding the origin of that plague, and what twists & turns come in the way. It is soul gripping. The cliffhanger is a great move. 
One of the most beautiful thing is that a female is the star of the book. They show a female lead who is not fragile and fashion. Katrina is smart, strong and determined. She needs no man to rescue and save her. The character development of Katrina is brilliant. I really liked the book. It is an amazing novella. The amount of information given in the book is amazing for a novella. It is hard to keep the length short while giving a good story.

The author has done a good job at world & character development. Language is easy and very simple to follow. The cover is beautiful and alluring. 


I rated this book a 4/5 🌟.


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