The jeera packer (book review)

Title: The Jeera Packer

Author : Prashant Yadav


This story follows a 35 year old sharpshooter in Uttar Pradesh. This man leaves behind his old life and is now living a simple life of a jeera packer with his family. But things makes him want to be that sharpshooter again and to acquire that lost art. He is back in the game with the aim to kill CM. The current CM is a person called DADA, and he used to work with this man as a shooter.

This book touches genre like crime, politics and thriller, and this is my first political read. The book contains many dark realities and political truths in India.

The book has good character development. You will find different characters and each will have a significant place and story. The humour in the book is very evident and a great addition.

To make the reader feel that this book is set in UP, the author has decided to incorporate abusive language, and sometimes it just feels too much. The writing is good and the language lucid.

The starting of the book might feel slow paced but you will have to have some patience.

The problem with the story is that the part where the protagonist decides to kill the CM is very random and with no clear reason. A few events feel out of place as well. The end was also a little flat and abrupt, leaving you frustrated.

The cover and title are apt.


Overall, I rated this book a 3/5 🌟

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