The curse of Anuganga (Book Review)

The curse of Anuganga (Book Review)

Author: Harini Srinivasan

I love reading books and I know you do too. We all have our favourite genres. Historical fiction and murder is liked by all. This book is a great book to add to your TBR if you love reading these genres. So, here is The curse of Anuganga (Book Review)

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This book is a historical murder mystery. I love history and murder. I don’t need anything else. History has been one of my favourite subjects from the starting. I love reading history and It really fascinates me. I like knowing what use to happen in the old times. The time when there was no technology. When people had a very social life. The time when we had kings and kingdoms. I like knowing the old ways. In a historical fiction one gets to know history in a very fun way. The murder aspects makes it really intense and gripping.


This book is set in the time of Gupta dynasty. We have all read about it in our history class and reading a fiction about it is exciting. 
The story is of a village Nandivardhana. There are two weddings. One of the crown prince and other of Vinayashura’s daughter. The top jeweller of the town, Vishnuveera, was making all the jewellery for both the wedding. To handle it better, he sent his son Shaunaka to Vinayashura’s home. Shaunaka with his adopted brother found themselves in between a murder scene. Vinayashura is killed! His throat was slit. 
In the royal palace things are not good as well. Someone tried to kill the prince as well. 


I love the story. Enjoyed reading historical murder. I love imagining that time and the fictionalisations makes it more intense. The way things were unfolding it kept me intrigued. The author has done it in a wonderful manner. The way the whole story was framed, it was like we are teleported to that time. The way dialogues were said and the way things were described it was all binding together really well. Ashwini is my favourite! He is such a witty character. 
The book, plot and story kept me engaged. I really like and connected with it. The cover is beautiful. It draws you in. This book showed about that era’s society and diplomacy. I got to know so much. I was really fascinated. 


Overall, I rated this book a 4.5/5 🌟


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