Rewind and play (Book Review)

Rewind and play

Author: Tarun Gautam

We all get to a point when things are upside down. Things don’t seem right and you see no other way. We think we have no hope and way to help ourselves. Some books show you that all you need is the inner you again. Which is why I’ve done this post for you. Rewind and play (Book Review) to help you choose your TBR wisely.


This book follows Raghav Diwan. Raghav is living his best life in US. He is going for an award show and is the face of this brand new technology. But time changes. Same happened with Raghav. Everything he was known for was taken away from him due to the failure of this technology. He is jobless. All the fame and success is taken from him.

Raghav looks at his world changing, which in turn changes him. He gets distant from his friends and families. One day he receives an invitation. This is an invitation for a get-together with his college friends. This is not the right time for it. He is ashamed! Felling insecure. He knows that his college time friends are all successful and well settled. But he takes the leap of faith. He goes to this get-together 

This turns out to be a good choice. They met and relive the old times. All of them play a game of recollecting these old memories. They were reliving the days of college and those good days. The exams and events. The hangouts and other sweet times. All the memories that were forgotten. 
Through this story Raghav’s life is recollected. The time he lived and shared with his friends and family is brought in front of his eyes. He remembered his teenage time, The time when things were easy. He also remembered the hard and life shaping times. 


The book has a underlying meaning. It shows us how we can over come any crisis in our lives. How we need to look back at ourselves and understand that we need to be carefree and risk takers. We need to understand that in one’s early age they take risks and built themselves but why not do that again? 

This book is inspiring and motivational. The author has used a story to make us understand the basic path to happiness. It tells us to not leave hope. The story was story and good. the language was easy and understandable. The book is hilarious while holding it’s real meaning.
The problem is that the books need more work. The book needs editing. The story is great but the only thing that is a major set back is lack of editing.


I rated this book a 3/5 🌟 


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