One step short to the moon (book review)

Book: One step short to the moon IIT VS. LOVE

Author: Pratik Shelke


This book follows Pratik Shinde. Pratik is a topper and an IIT aspirant. This book deals with the multiple aspects of Pratik’s life or the life of every student in India. His life is laced with struggle, determination, love, friendship and the famous ‘IIT preparations’.

The story does an amazing work of showing the reality of a student’s life due to Indian education system. The fact that the protagonist decides to commit suicide because of the situations arising in his life is heart hitting. His dreams are becoming his reason for ending his life.

The book become so much better when you realise that the book is based on the experiences of the author himself.

The reality and accuracy of the book will make you connect with it more.

The story line introduces many characters and all are developed well. The sketching and story of the side characters is strong. I loved reading the titles of the chapters. The humour in the title makes the book so much more meaningful. The way the author has incorporated the major issues in the book like failures, heartbreaks and mental problems is precious. The story line is very strong. The language is lucid. The narration is good, but the pace was a little slow for me. The cover is good as it is showing the essence of the story, but could have been better. The title is good.


Overall, it was a 4/5 🌟 read for me.

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