Lost Without Her

Lost Without Her

Author: Pournima Navani

Don’t you love reading books about family? We read books about love interests or other things. Lost Without Her (Book Review) is just the book for family love and relationship.


This book is based on a place called Marsti in South India. This place was filled with peace and love. But things change when an accident occurs with Officer Anthony George and his daughter Samantha. This accident opens the door to chaos. The perfect place is not perfect anymore. Samantha is kidnapped from his own backyard to be abused and murdered. Samantha is a victim to child abuse & murder, and her father is hell bent on finding the murderer. Marsti town is suddenly teeming with hidden skeletons and secrets that threaten to shake the very foundation of its people.


The book is great. The cover and title gives the impression that it is a romantic story. The cover speaks of separation and longing, in that sense it is spot on.

The book is not able love between lovers, but about the love of father and daughter. The longing of a father whose daughter is murdered. My heart broke time and again for the father. The author did a brilliant job in showing the helpless and broken situation of the father. The way he felt when he got to know about his daughter. The way he felt when he must have imagined what has happened to her. It is a thriller and very true to the genre. The fact that it has father-daughter story makes it much more likeable. The writing is great and you feel everything through the words. The twist and turns are interesting. The ending was a great plus. 


Overall I rated this book a 4/5 🌟.


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