Kaalkoot (Book Review)


Author: S.Venkatesh

I am crazy about reading, and mythology is one of my favorite genres. The thrill you get when the stories you have heard about are used to create more stories. The wave of refreshment you get when you think of those characters in a different story is brilliant. Which is why I have bought forward Kaalkoot (Book Review), to help you expand your TBR of mythology books.


This book starts with Manohar Rai, who is trying to keep something a secret from the government. He gives this secret to a youngster in order to keep it safe. The British government is about to leave India. But they have plans to destroy India by finding Kaalkoot. Kaalkoot is a poison that can finish the mankind. Kaalkoot according to Hindu mythology is considered the deadliest. It was said to be so harmful that Lord Shiva has to swallow the poison and it turned his throat blue. The exposure of this secret could erase India forever.

The Britishers have made a team called ‘Imperial Guard’ to find that poison. This leads to a team of people who are trying to protect the secret and save India from the doom. Lives like professor Bani, Sameer, Damini and other people whose lives are entangled in this war. 


I really liked reading this book. The book is a mythological fiction. This book left me empty. From the start to end it kept me engaged. The book does start a little slow, but the way it packs up is brilliant. It is pulled together in a wonderful manner. The way the world is built is strong. I found no flaws in the world developing. The suspense and thrill didn’t leave the pages. It is packed with action and brutality. The story is told by different perspectives and this shows the point of view of different people in the same situation. The narration could have been improved, but it worked neither less. The concept and ideas were refreshing. The book might be tough for new readers as books like this can be harsh. Language is easy. The cover is mysterious and meaningful. This book was right up my alley and keep me happy through the journey. 


Overall, I rated this book a 4/5 🌟.

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