I’m So Hacked (Book Review)

I’m So Hacked

Author: Gautam Mayekar

Sometimes we look for different plots and ideas in a book. We all have read those monotonous books. The book we are going to talk about today is I’m So Hacked (Book Review) based on the world of hacking. YES! you heard it right. The book is about the dangerous adventures in the world of hacking.


I’m So Hacked (Book Review) follows Avi aka @v!. He is a hacker and a very anti-social person. His days working in India’s number one anti-virus company as a security researcher and his nights, crawling through underground hacking forums. Based on his set of skills, he gets a job in a well known anti-virus company. He lives a boring life, but it takes a major twist when he starts receiving mysterious letters from Madri aka [email protected] This mysterious identity asks @v! to do some tasks. He is completely unmotivated and lacks purpose until he receives a letter from [email protected] [email protected] uses @v!’ss bad and horrible past to urge him, and makes him work through various tasks, starting with shutting down the internet services of the entire city.


The book is a little slow in the start. The starting 30 pages or so are rough. But after that the real book starts. This book gives an inside look to the world of technology and hacking. The book is well framed and written. The book feels realistic and fascinating.

The technical details are not unrealistic or boring. It is a great read. The story is thrilling and keeps you hooked through and through. The story line is engaging. The way the world and environment is development is brilliant. The suspense in the book continues till the end. The book touches different topics like crime, romance, suspense and thrill. The concept of starting with “The end” and ending with “The Beginning” is genius. You will see various poems and articles which are very intriguing. Headings of the chapters are in coding format which are real and precise. The writing style is great. The story is consuming. Language is simple and communicative. The title is well chosen and the cover is beautiful. 


I’ve rated this book a 4/5 🌟.


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