Snakes in the meadows (book review)


The book follows Aslam and Ashwar. This book is set in a hilly village in Jammu & Kashmir called Pathri Ali. The story is set in 90’s. Aslam and Ashwar, both fell in love with each other at a very tender age of 16. Things don’t turnout good when they got separated, due to a tiff between the families. Ashwar is forced to marry an older widow man with kids, while Aslam runs away as it gets too much for him. But things start getting bad for people of Pathi Aali. The relation between India and Pakistan is the worst at the moment.

The small village talks a victim to militants(Mujahidin). The condition of the community living their is pathetic and heartbreaking. The women are raped, men are beaten and children are molested. The heaven becomes hell for people living in that small village.


This book held my heart. The love between the two young people is like a happy note to your heart, and all that follows is a nightmare. The way author has described J&K, it makes me want to visit it.

The book really brings an insight to the current situation of J&K . The horrible things that the citizens have to face, being sandwiched between the militants and military is horrifying.

This book managed to stir a lot of emotions and is brilliant. It makes you feel selfish and very privileged. We live in a perfect and safe world from our point of view, while we can’t think what people have to face. It really touched my heart and soul. The narration is beautiful. The story is unique and very necessary. The language is lucid. The cover could be better and the title is AMAZING.

A very minute flaw is that the names are very simpler and created confusion.


Overall, I have rated it a 4.5/5 🌟 .

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