Daredreamers (Book Review)

Daredreamers (Book Review)

Here is Daredreamers (Book Review) for you. This for all the people who are struggling with life and career problems. For you if you love reading, because we don’t need reasons to read.

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This book follows Rasiq. He works in a big investment banking firm. He lives a very typical job life. He works hard and wants to have a safe and secure life. Working for long hours and non-existent amount of rest. He may get a big pay check, but life is not so beautiful. In order to get settled and have a secure future. He ignored his dreams and his shot at being happy. Rasiq feels trapped and bored with his life. A failed relationship just adds right up. That’s when he decides to change his life for better and start a venture for himself this time


This story is something that majority of people have to go through. The fast paced life of today’s generation is hectic. In order to get settled, we go towards more famous and stable choices. We choose our career based on the scope and value. We should be going towards the career which is for us, which makes us happy. But we do the opposite and suffer throughout our lives. We get stuck in a job which frustrates us, while we could take the chances and do what we are really good at. The risk factor is lost and we all want an easy option. The society pressures us into the mainstream. they force us into what is normal and good according to them. This book shows you just that. It tells you that you might be successful and rich doing the work you don’t, like but you can’t be happy with it.

This book is for everyone in conflict about their career and life choices. It basically tells you ‘Dare to dream’. I finished this book really fast and I flew through the pages. This story provokes you to think again. To wonder if the life you are living is the one you wanted to live.


The language is really easy and story is amazing. The cover is hilarious to me. 
Rated this book a 4/5 🌟 and recommended.


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