A Christmas Carol (Book Review)

A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” 

– Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

We all love reading and it is every reader’s dream to fill their shelves with classics. When I started reading, classics were a distant dream. They left me frustrated and confused. But I have learned, that reading classics take time and patient. Read slowly and enjoy. This book was amazing. People say Charles Dickens writes rather confusing work, but I found them easier than a lot of famous classics. His writing is wonderful and soul touching. So, here is A Christmas Carol (Book Review)


A Christmas Carol is a play about a selfish and mean old man. Ebenezer Scrooge, hates Christmas and thinks that nothing is merry about it. One Christmas Eve, when Scrooge was acting mean to everyone, he encountered a ghost. Till now he did nothing that didn’t do any good to him. This encounter changed him and his life forever. What did this ‘Humbug’ Christmas Eve brings for him?


I was attracted to the work of Charles Dickens, when I saw this beautiful Vintage Classics by Penguin. I was thrilled and had to get the whole series. That’s how I made myself read some Dickens. I used to think classics are not for me, but I was wrong. I started this wonderful book and I was in love. The writing is wonderful and not as confusing as people think. The plot took my heart away. Scrooge is everyone in today’s world. Charles described a society of future through a man. This book is a perfect Christmas read. This will be the type of book you read with a cup of tea and a blanket. The moral of the story is brilliant and some incidents in this book astonished me. Not giving any spoilers but the chain, that the ghost is cover in, creeps and astonishes me the most. You need to read this book and preferably near Christmas. You can find movie adaptation of the same, and if you have any confusion while reading the book, you can watch the movie to make the book understandable. Tho, according to me, it is a very simple and easily readable book.


I rated this book a 5/5 stars and is highly recommended for everyone.


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