6 Places to buy second hand books

Reading is not a luxury! It’s a need. Book are really expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket. We need a lot of books and we have no money. But living without books is not possible. You will be sad and depressed if you don’t read. Buying books gives an euphoric feeling. We all need the fix. But it can leave you with no money. So, I present a list of Where to buy second hand books? Second hand books or pre-loved books give the same feeling as the new books. You still get that euphoric feeling but without getting broke. You can still have money after buying every book you want. I used to wonder myself Where to buy second hand book? and I want to help you with the same question. 6 Places to buy second hand book.


1. Bookchor

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Bookchor is one of the biggest online bookstore. They sell a huge variety of books. New and old books. You think of it and they have it. You can download their application on go to their website. They regularly host book sales in certain cities. You can sell your old books and get credits with which you can buy more books. They have fast delivery and great offer prices. That’s why it earns a place in my list of 6 Places to buy second hand books.

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2. Amazon

Amazon is on of the leading E-commerce website. You can buy anything here. You want something as small as a pen or eraser? You can get it on Amazon. We all know they sell books. You can search a book and never be disappointed by it. You will get every book you can think of here. But a lot of people don’t know, that Amazon also sells pre-loved or second hand books. You can find books dirt cheap and at a really good condition. Also, the best thing is, if you don’t like the condition of the book, just return it with no hassle. It is on of the most trust worthy website. You can both buy and sell books on amazon. This website has earned it’s place in 6 Places to buy second hand books.

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3. Second Hand Books

As the name suggests, this E-commerce website offer second hand books. They sell books at a very cheap rate and you can even request titles. They even offer a service of bulk sale. If you want to buy books for school, libraries or any other entity and you need book in a large amount, this is the place for you. You can search and look for the books on the website which may interest you. Browsing is the key and you will find your gem at a very cheap price. You can find books from every genre you are interested in.

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4. Padhega India

What better site then Padhega India. They are working towards a social initiative. We need trees for far more important things like breathing, but that doesn’t need to stop us from reading. Reading is really important and what should be done, that enables us to read while taking care of our environment? BUY SECOND HAND BOOKS. Buy books that are pre-loved without hurting the environment. Padhega India is working towards making people awake of this issue. They provide second hand books, books on rent and you can even sell them. Save paper and save tress. You can’t breathe without them, LITERALLY! So, go and shop from them and help towards a greater cause. They even give you the chance to evaluate the book before paying for it at your door. Don’t miss on them and do the good thing.

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5. Pustakkosh

Such a unique name, Isn’t it ? Your own book treasury. This website is the saviour of many. Are you a student? Do you have to buy expensive book each year or semester? and later either to box it up or sell it for nothing? So, why waste the money, space and books? You can rent the books you want on this website. They are cheap and when you don’t need them, just return. so, no space wasted! You can also sell books here and help others. They even rent things like Furniture, sports,music equipment. What else do you need?

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6. Book Thela

Book Thela is a very unique website. You can buy books for RS. 49! Isn’t that crazy? A book for only RS. 49. It leaves me in a shock and amazement. It makes me want to buy books just by writing about it. They claim to fix a date for us with books and real cheap. It is my dream date. They don’t just offer English books but Hindi and other languages as well. If you can’t find a book on their site, worry not! Just request them and they will bring it in for you at dirt cheap prices. They have super fast delivery. So, what else do you need book lovers? Hop over…….buy books without becoming broke.

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There is a list of 6 Places to buy second hand books I have curated for you. I have with research and my own experience made this list for you and I hope you find it as informational as I wanted it to be for you crazy booklovers. Here, at BOOKSANDREADS we want your reading life to be comfortable and happy.


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