5 Best Podcasts Of 2019

I personally love some alone time with nothing to check off my list. In this alone time I tend to either read or listen to podcasts. You can clean your room and make your mom happy while listening to a podcast, or just sip some tea while listing to one. I am here to help you achieve that peace with the 5 best podcasts of 2019 available out there.

1. Murderville

Who doesn’t like a good murder investigation? I do and i know so do you.
I am a crazy murder mystery fan and thus, this podcast had to find place in my 5 best podcasts 2019 list. So, here I present to you Murderville by hosts Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith. They together uncover what really happens when law enforcement hold a man for a murder, while the real culprit is out and ready to pick another victim.

Listen to it Here

2. The Habitat

Science stuff is always fascinating. We all aren’t really good at studying it but getting to know random scientific facts it amusing. How it all stared? how was it discovered? and all these crazy questions. If these question crosses your mind like it does in mine all the time. Here, let me tell you about The Habitat. On a remote mountain of Hawaii, there is a fake planet Mars. This experiment is done to help NASA understand what life might be like on Mars. For this Six volunteers are secluded in an imitation Mars habitat where they will work as imitation astronauts for one very real year. 

Sounds amazing, right? click here to listen to it and unfold the secret.

3. Comedy Bang Bang

All things aside, but we need all the laugh we can get in this stressful life. All the working and moving forward lives us frustrated and angry. Not only is this depressing but also, really harmful to out body. The only way to battle with it is by taking sometime out to be happy. This Comedy Bang Bang is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by writer and comedian Scott Aukerman, which will bring cheer in your life.

Bring the stress down by clicking here

4. Ctrl Alt Delete

Come-on, the name itself is so luring. You don’t need anymore reasons to check this awesome podcast out but her, let me tell you about it anyway. This podcast is about interviewing strong and empowered women in a funny manner. This podcast brings out the much needed female perspective and stories to you. here these amazing women and get motivated to achieve your own goals.

Listen to it here

5. Gay Future

This podcast takes you to year 2062 where everyone is gay. It is the worst nightmare of conservative people. A totalitarian government rules over what’s left of North America to spread its insidious gay agenda. Now, the only hope left is a teenager boy who has a secret. He is straight! What a interesting plot, Isn’t it? I am interested and I know you are too.

So, click here and enter a whole new world.

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  1. Oh! I have a new fascination! I’ve only occasionally listened to podcasts. Now I have a whole list to try out. Lovely post 🙂

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