10 Books on Prostitution

Prostitution. What comes to your mind when you read/hear that word?We all think about the myths and misconceptions that the world has fed us and the ones that we created on our own. We need to read about this topic to come out from the world of myth. so, I have created a list of 10 books on prostitution.
Prostitution is present from the start of time. Different societies gave birth to different types and forms of prostitution. We don’t think about the hard and ugly truth of what goes on in that world. It is impossible for us to see and feel their situation in real life. We can only imagine and create our own presumptions. This list of 10 books on prostitution will help to understand this forbidden world better

So, I wrote this article to list down the 10 books on prostitution, which will help you in understanding the real truth of the world of prostitution. This will give you and insight to the forbidden and sinful world.

List of 10 books on prostitution

Following is a list of 10 books on prostitution:

1. Paid for: My Journey through prostitution by Rachel Moran

This is a phenomenal book. This memoir is heart wrenching. It opens your eyes and shows you the sad reality of world. Each chapter talks about the truth of this world. The lives the people of this dark world have live and the situations that they have to face. This book will change your life. It will change the way you think. This book will give you the dirty and traumatic insight of this world. It brings in all the people belonging to the dark world. The book is a creation of Rachel’s own experience and of the people around her. This book is well researched and the hard work can easily be felt. The ugly truth will move you.

2. Love for sale by Nils Johan Rigdal

This book is a look through different varieties and forms of prostitution. It is a read about all the types that have been there and where created throughout the time. This is a detailed read on how and when they came into existence. It is not a story, but an informational book. This even traces this work to the ‘First lady of the night’. It shows how the historical societies lead to a creation of different prostitution and even talks about the start of rights for sex-workers. The fact that prostitution became a sin in Victorian time. It is a very informational book.

3. Legalizing prostitution: Illicit vice to lawful business by Ronald John Weitzer

This book is written by Ronald Weitzer, professor of sociology at George Washington University. He wrote this well researched and interesting book. It talks about legal prostitution in different countries. The distinction between decriminalised and legal prostitution is giving in a very good manner. The use of real locations to show how prostitution can and is being regulated is highly informative. He goes further to talk about the consequences of these regulation.

4. World of Suzie Wong by Richard Mason

This book is about Rober Lomax, who tried a lot of profession and finally gives up. He decides to move to Hong Kong and be a painter. Moves to a small hotel for stirring up his inspiration to paint.

He kept living in the hotel, which is a brothel, the fact being unknown to Robert and lives with a lot of girls who sell themselves for their known reasons. He slowly becomes friends with the girls and even starts to fall for one. Suzie takes his heart away, and after which the real problems start. The book is set in 1850, and the society is not the most accepting.

It is a journey which will get you emotional. A love story where the real truth of our ugly society will set you back.

5. Sold By Patricia

This book pictures the villages in Nepal. This book is about Laxshmi, who is cajoled and sold off. She is forced into the world of prostitution. She had to go through situations which a lot of girls are subjected to daily. This will give you an insight as to what happens to the lives of people in an Indian brothel.

It leaves a pain in your heart. The suffering that Laxshmi has to face is emotionally heartbreaking. This book will make you cry a river. The pain and realisation is great. The moment of helplessness you feel when you read about the pain and suffering of this small girl. The moment when you realise that many girls are actually going through this torture.

6. The pimping of prostitution: Abolishing the sex work myths by Julie Bindel

It is a book with a great discussion about Pro-Prostitution activities or abolishing views. All of these discussions are about who holds the key to the solution for the females involved in this industry. The author has travelled all over the world, and conducted over 250 interviews to find the real truth. He even visited legal brothels, and got to know a lot of pornographers, pimps, sex-workers, sex-trade survivors, etc. He went to the great lengths to abolish all the myths and misconceptions about this world. The book brings out the real face of prostitution.

7. Maggie: A girl of the streets by Stephen Crane

This classic of American literary naturalism and realism shows the story of a doomed young woman from the Bowery tenements. It shows poverty, crime and hopelessness of 19th century slum life. It is a story of troubled family in inner city. Maggie goes through tough times and faces the dark truth of the world. The story has touched some themes like Hypocrisy, Alcoholism, Determinism, Naturalism, Gender and Sexuality, and Social class.

8. The crimson petal and the white by Michel Faber

This book is set in 1870’s London. It is about the struggle of a young woman to pull herself out of the dirty world of prostitution. This book is about Sugar, a nineteen years old prostitute in Victorian time. Sugar is well known throughout the streets of London for doing whatever to make her clients happy. She likes writing. She writes about revenge fantasies with men she has slept with during her career.

William is a son of a rich father. His father owns a perfume empire. William is not fascinated by his father’s work. He is lost in his life as his father gives him less money and his wife is ill. He has to take over the empire, even though his elder brother should inherit it. His elder brother has no interest in this work and William is desperate. He is driven towards work more when he meets Sugar. He wants to earn enough money to make himself Sugar one and only client.

This book touches the world of prostitution through the live and struggle of Sugar.

9. Prostitution and Victorian society by Judith R. Walkowitz

The book is talking about the situation of prostitution during the time of Victorian times. The fact is that the situation of prostitution got worse during Victorian times. The state regulation of prostitution established by the Contagious Diseases Act. The book discusses the situation of lower class women. The lower class women were at a huge loss as they were dominated by both men and middle class. They were forced into prostitution literally and due to situations as well.

10. Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho

This book is about Maria, a beautiful Brazilian girl. She is from a small village. Her life is a mess and she is heartbroken. This makes her want to visit Switzerland. She ran away from her old life to create a new one, but that was not so easy.

This beautiful girl had to start working to make a living. Maria joined a night club and tried modeling which only lead to failure. One day an Arab man offered her 1000 Francs in exchange of a night with her. She had to accept the offer due to her financial condition and circumstances. This incident lead her towards the path of prostitution.

After being unsuccessful at life, she finds great recognition doing the most taboo thing according to the society. She shuts all the doors for love and focuses on making a life for herself. But just then, love comes knocking on those doors. She learns that sex can be sacred and beautiful. The title of the book is a discovery by Maria that a person can have sex in 11 minutes. This book is a journey of Maria through the forbidden world that you don’t want to miss.

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